Coaching for Business Leaders, C-Level Executives, Established Entrepreneurs

Master the CEO within you!

Stepping into leadership is about more than calling the shots or burdening all the responsibility. 

Successful leadership is about aligning business with purpose, empowering, inspiring and creating a culture of ownership and fulfillment.

With the Masterful CEO program you will step into the future of leadership, discover new ways to conquer limitations and get results in less time.

Here’s What You’ll Master

Aligned Vision

Business with purpose, creation with balance, growth with joy! 

Align your business goals with your vision and purpose. Lead your team to contribute their strengths towards achieving a common goal and shared vision. Work to create a legacy.

Ownership Culture

See it, own it, work together to solve it.

Create a culture of ownership. Establish a common purpose where everyone wins. Master the art of clear expectations, aligned communication and collaborative results.

Conscious Leadership

Character, magnetism, impact!

Prioritize your internal commitment independent from external circumstances. Develop your ability to shift mindsets. Confidently take any stand that serves you, your team and your business. Create a safe space of belonging, inclusivity and equity.

Peak Performance

Strategic thinking, purposeful focus, efficient consistency! 

Discover new ways of leveraging strategic thinking to help you lead with purpose. Empower your team to be highly productive with your new strategies and mindset tools.

Empowered Agility

For yourself, your team, your company!

Master the art of foresight to handle the unpredictable ever changing market with grace. Grow your company with a clear vision while maintaining agility to conquer challenges and change with ease and confidence.

Inspired Impact

Awaken possibilities, encourage growth, stay curious!

Lead with positivity, courage and integrity. Be the most active listener. Learn when to be vulnerable. Make empathy your superpower. Above all, lead by example!

Is this for you?

The leader and CEO within you is always evolving, your job is to be ready to take on new challenges with confidence and ease.

If you're ready to:

  • Master your leadership skills
  • Align your business goals with purpose
  • Do more of the work you desire
  • Work towards true financial freedom

You have the strategies and systems in place to effectively lead your team.

You are surpassing goals and scaling to levels you never thought possible when you first stepped into this leadership role.

It’s time to build higher level skills: foresight and vision, conscious leadership and legacy building.

You know the importance of having the right support and want to go through this stage with ease, head-on and with utmost confidence.

You’re ready for CEO Mastery.

Take complete charge of your future

Apply today to align your vision, lead with conviction, build your legacy.

Yes, I'm Ready

What's included

12 Executive Coaching Sessions

Your ongoing development as CEO and leader is as unique as you are.

This next-level stage is not the place to rely on cookie cutter solutions or strategy.

You and I will meet twice a month for 6 months.

This is where we work through both new challenges and breakthroughs in a way that is tailored to your needs. 

Walk away from each session with new insights, expanded perspectives and a clear plan of action.

Together we’ll go through this growth stage with ease, head-on and the utmost confidence.

Assessment & Goal Sessions

The first step in your CEO Mastery journey is assessing where you're at and discovering blocks and weaknesses to address.

During the goal session we take a deep dive into your individual goals to come up with the best plan for you to get the most out this coaching experience.

You’ll be able to:

  • Leverage your strengths
  • Discover your blind spots
  • Work on the weaknesses holding you back
  • Confidently chose what to focus on
  • Set clear goals that align with your big vision

Mid-Point Recalibration Session 

Strategic reflection, thinking and planning is key in for the evolution of your Masterful CEO. 

During this session you’ll: 

  • Reflect on the transformation you’ve achieved. Celebrate success: what's working. Consolidate learning: what goals have shifted.
  • Refresh the key learnings and how you can leverage moving forward. Incorporate new strengths, perspectives and mind shifts into the next stage of the program.
  • Recommit to continue developing your strengths, being the leader you’re here to be and building your legacy.

7-Week Mental Fitness Program

This science based foundation will give you the tools you need to develop the skills to master the leader within you.

During these seven weeks you will: 

  • Build your mental fitness muscles
  • Overcome limitations that sabotage your growth.
  • Learn how to access new powers to think, act and lead with mindful awareness.
  • Master high-level performance with ease
  • Develop unshakeable confidence & step into leadership with conviction 

10 months of GROW: Strengthen & Maintain Your New Powers

Every new level of success produces new challenges. Creating, maintaining and growing positive change is a life-long journey.

At this stage you want to maintain your mental fitness practices strengthen and grow the powers you've discovered.

The GROW program is designed to continue at your own pace so you can reap the benefits of a robust mental fitness as you continue to develop your Masterful CEO.

E-coaching & Additional Accountability

As your CEO strategist and coach, my goal is to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to get stuck, be held back or let your old saboteurs win.

Throughout this program you’ll get:

  • The accountability you crave and need to take daily and weekly action.
  • Exclusive access to my individual support to get your questions answered and work through challenges in between coaching sessions.
  • The support you need to ensure you’re on the most successful path to mastering the CEO within you.

About Your Coach

CEO Development Strategist, Leadership and Self-Mastery Coach on a mission to help close the gender leadership gap and empower female CEOs claim their power in business and life.

My priority is to partner with you to help navigate difficult transitions and build aligned teams with purpose to meet common objectives in a culture of ownership.

I’m a No B.S. executive business coach ready to help you conquer any limitations keeping you from performing your best and leading your team with unshakeable confidence. If you’re ready to reclaim authority over your life and business, I’d be honored to guide you through the process.

-Akanke Adefunmi

Become the impactful leader you're here to be

Master your confidence, lead with conviction, build your legacy.



If you had told me two years ago that I would be rubbing elbows with Congressmen I would have died laughing at the idea but here I am. Speaking of needing to speak my truth and find my voice!!!

This process Akanke teaches helps me review my day and relax with a clear mind.  I wake up rested and focused on the days task. I’ve also been intentional is using my task list to stay productive through the day. I’ve even received feedback from my board that I seem more focused and clear headed! 



Before the program, business was going well, but I was overwhelmed. As a CEO of a rapidly growing company, I was making decisions and addressing issues that I never faced previously.


During the program, I was able to find a sense of calm, even in the midst of responsibility and weight on my shoulders. Making it a lot easier to make clearer decisions. 


As a result, I am more present for my team. It helps me tackle things head-on and set boundaries so I can focus on what's most important for the sustainability of the company.



"Akanke held my feet to the fire and helped me question my self-imposed limitations. She has a powerful voice; I was surprised at her ability to call me out in a firm but loving way.

Now, I’m more confident and consistent in using my voice with ease. My work with Akanke was instrumental in gaining clarity to focus on what matters most and achieve a sense of balance."



"I was in the habit of believing that every misstep was a systemic problem of discipline.  I have successfully run a very detail oriented and multifaceted business for 15 years, overall discipline isn’t my problem. I was able to come to some life changing revelations that have shifted the way I see myself as a leader, my business, and my goals.

Our time together was invaluable. I feel clearer in my sense of purpose and more empowered to confidently express my skill set and accomplishments."